Samidoh is a wonderful father to our kids, says Karen Nyamu

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu is evidently not over Samidoh, as evidenced by her recent praise for him.

The outspoken socialite lawyer praised the Mugiithi singer for being supportive of her from proceeds of music.

According to Nyamu, creatives have been seizing opportunities to make money, and there can be no perfect example other than her partner Samidoh. She noted that he even pays the fees for their children to attend an international school.

Nyamu made these remarks during the launch of the Bahati Empire reality TV show on Thursday, June 6.

My kids, my kids are in International schools. Na shule inalipwo by a creative. Si unajua baba ya watoto wangu? Na analipa International schools. The best in the country,” she said.

For Karen, this demonstrates that the Kenyan entertainment industry holds significant opportunities for success.

So you guys have huge potential. Nyinyi ndio mnaweza kuwa masource of the country. We can all wish to be in that space because of the kind of money you can make,” she added.

Karen and Samidoh share two children and the senator has never shied away from posting their life social media.

However, there have been rumors of the two splitting, with Samidoh attempting to reconcile with his estranged wife, who left him and took their children to the United States. At the time of the split, Edday (Samidoh’s estranged wife) cited interference by Karen Nyamu as the cause of the couple’s problems.

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