Njugush defends Abel Mutua over his Sarah Hassan kiss confession

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng
Njugush and Abel Mutua

Comedian Njugush has finally weighed in on whether his friend Abel Mutua used his scriptwriting skills to fulfill his dreams of kissing fellow actor Sarah Hassan, who played Tanya on the TV show “Tahidi High.”

Abel Mutua had been criticized by some females on social media for what they alleged was a ‘pre-planned’ act of sexual assault on Sarah Hassan. These allegations arose from Abel’s confession about scripting a scene where his character, Freddie, kissed Tanya, played by Sarah Hassan, on the show.

Some feminists felt that Abel may have used this opportunity to take advantage of Sarah Hassan, whom is described as a reserved person who did not entertain many people in her personal space at that time.

However, Njugush believes the backlash against his friend is unnecessary and unwarranted. In a recent interview with a local publication, Njugush explained that the viral clip was carefully selected by malicious individuals intending to portray Abel in a negative light.

Njugush further noted that Abel was describing the character Freddie, whom he played on “Tahidi High,” and not himself.

If the full video had been posted, it would have made it easier for people to understand what Abel meant. Anyone who watched ‘Tahidi High’ knows the relationship between Tanya (Sarah Hassan) and OJ (Dennis Mugo) was real,” Njugush said.

According to Njugush, Freddie (Abel Mutua) had always admired Tanya, a humble high-schooler who didn’t reciprocate his feelings. Tanya was known to have a crush on OJ, who wasn’t good enough for her. To spice things up, scriptwriter Abel Mutua decided to add a happy ending where Freddie gets a kiss from the girl of his dreams, despite her having chosen the wrong partner initially.

Towards the end, everyone wanted Tanya to be with OJ and would plan ways to make it harder for Freddie. Everyone was against Freddie being with Tanya. So, when Abel was given that opportunity to script in the end, he decided to bring a twist, not as Sarah Hassan but as Tanya. People have taken it out of context.”

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