Mbosso admits he has a kid with the ex-wife of his fellow Tanzanian musician

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Tanzanian singer and songwrite Mbosso has revealed that he has a child with the ex-wife of fellow Tanzanian singer Abdu Kiba.

Abdu Kiba is the brother of renowned Tanzanian artist Alikiba.

Yes, I have a child with the woman who was previously married to Abdu Kiba. We got the child way after they had split up,” Mbosso confirmed.

Mbosso explained that he was unaware of his baby mama’s past relationship with Abdu Kiba.

It was an issue that brought a lot of issues into our relationship because I was very open to her but she had not told me a lot of things. When I came to find out that she is Abdu Kiba’s ex-wife, it was too late,” he stated.

Mbosso admitted that discovering her past with Abdu Kiba caused problems between them, “…because Abdu Kiba and I have had a bad background.

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