Man discovers his beautiful ‘wife’ is a man 12 days after wedding

David Osoro
David Osoro

An Indonesian man, identified only as AK, 26, discovered that his bride, Adinda Kanza, also 26, is actually a man, twelve days after their wedding.

The couple met on Instagram in 2023 and dated in person for a year before they decided to get married.

During their courtship, Adinda consistently wore a traditional Muslim niqab, which covers the entire face. AK interpreted this as a sign of her devotion to Islam. Believing Adinda to be without family, the couple married in a small ceremony at AK’s home on April 12.

However, AK soon grew suspicious of his new wife. The reason – Adinda avoided intimacy, citing her period or feeling unwell, and refused to interact with AK’s family, continuing to wear her niqab even at home.

Determined to uncover the truth, AK tracked down Adinda’s former address twelve days after their wedding and was shocked to find out that her parents were alive and well.

Adinda’s parents revealed that AK’s wife was actually a man, named ESH, who had begun cross-dressing in 2020. They were unaware that their son was in a relationship, let alone married.

Police investigating the case noted that Adinda behaved like a woman and had a female-sounding voice.

If you look at their wedding photos, Adinda looks exactly like a real woman,” the police stated.

After his arrest, ESH admitted to the police that his intention in marrying AK was to steal his family’s assets. He is now facing fraud charges.

Reports further indicate that ESH not only enjoyed pretending to be a woman while dating men but had also previously dated women.

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