KRG the Don finally reveals the source of his immense wealth

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Kenyan rapper Karuga Kimani, popularly known as KRG the Don, has admitted that much of his wealth was inherited and that he never worked as hard as many people believe.

A lot of money is actually an inheritance; much of these assets existed before I was born; I acquired them now, I inherited them, and it wasn’t by my own wishes; it was by luck. This actually isn’t my wealth even I got it, people lived on this earth and left it for me,” the musician explained.

He further clarified why he has never transferred those assets into his real name, saying he chose to keep them that way because the assets are not his since he only inherited them. He further stated that it wouldn’t be wise to transfer the assets into his name, which would go against his ancestors and those who came before him.

“I haven’t transferred anything into my name; I only manage because I also don’t want our elders to start saying Bughaa squandered the wealth. What I do is maybe just pay a little tax.”

KRG the Don has previously stated that he is worth Ksh 4.2 billion. The rapper stated that he is so rich and brainy that even if he slept for fifty years, no one could be as rich as him.

My net worth, as I last checked a year ago, it was four point something billion.”

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