Kagwe Mungai and Sharon Mwangi announce breakup

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

Content creator Sharon Mwangi and musician Kagwe Mungai have officially announced their breakup.

In a joint Instagram post on Friday, the two shared the news with their fans in a raw and candid statement accompanied by a photo of the two lovingly holding each other.

The former couple felt the need to be transparent with their fans, despite feeling it was a “cringe” move.

The statement read: “You have been a part of our journey and for that, we are incredibly grateful. We want to be transparent with you all even though sharing this publicly feels a little cringe.”

We know how easily facts can be misconstrued so know that anything you hear or read elsewhere is likely fiction or assumptions. The truth is, we have decided to lovingly separate as a couple. Our journey together has been extraordinary, filled with deep love and affection.”

They noted that their love for each other remains but is now taking a new shape, allowing them each to blossom on their own paths.They also added that there was no negativity between them.

They urged their fans to think of it as two best friends recognizing the need for individual space to pursue their most fulfilling lives.

“We won’t be engaging in further discussions on this and we deeply appreciate your understanding and respect for our privacy. Thank you to everyone who supported, prayed, and rooted for us,” they said.

Sharon and Kagwe went public with their relationship around March last year, ending their fans’ speculations.

In November, during an episode of her podcast, ‘Best Kept Secrets,’ featuring guest makeup artist Joanna Kinuthia, Soila Curtis, and Michelle Shikie, Sharon shared the intimate details of what led to their public revelation.

Sharon admitted to having fears about going public with their relationship and sought advice from her close friend Joan, who reassured her that the situation wasn’t as daunting as she had imagined.

We had a lot of conversations because I was scared. We were not hiding, I had a conversation with Joan and she told me it was not as scary as I thought it was. We decided what our boundaries were,” said Sharon.

Kagwe, on his part, had previously stated that he was not actively seeking love, having been heartbroken in the past. The singer had always kept his love life private and had never shown off his girlfriend before.

Speaking to Kiss FM, Kagwe said, “I am not dating anyone now because I don’t want disruptions. Plus, I have been busy with my album. I dated some days way back, which did not work. My heart has been cheated on so many times.

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