Is Mungai Eve dating MC Gogo?

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Youtube sensation Mungai Eve has finally come out and addressed rumors about her relationship status with young celebrated entertainer MC Gogo. According to the media and internet personality, MC Gogo is not even her type, and the two are just friends.

He is just my friend. We are not dating,” Mungai Eve shared during an interview with Obinna TV.

Eve further explained why she would never date the young creative, citing that the young emcee is in another current relationship. She further mentioned that she prefers dating someone at least 3 to 4 years older than her, believing that such an age difference would be more suitable for her.

He is a great friend of mine, and I respect his relationship. And also…hatujaiangaliana from that perspective… Especially me and also where I am sitting, I wouldn’t want to date someone who is of the same age or who is younger than me out of personal experience,” Mungai Eve disclosed.

Mungai Eve and MC Gogo

The speculation about MC Gogo arose from fans who noticed a series of photos of the two together that recently caused a stir online, prompting questions about whether there was more to their relationship.

This is not the first time the popular Youtuber’s love life has been in the limelight.

Mungai Eve and her ex-lover Director Trevor were in much-publicised personal relationship and also shared a business venture running a popular youtube page. However, just like their relationship, the two also underwent a much-publicised breakup.

Eve would then go on to open her new YouTube page after Director Trevor locked her out of the old accounts.

On his part, Trevor changed the name of the youtube page and unveiled Eve Nyaga as Eve’s replacement.

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