Diana Marua reveals why she is still with Bahati despite his drama

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Kenyan socialite and brand influencer actress Diana Marua has revealed the reasons why she still treasures Kevin Kioko Bahati, popularly known as Bahati in the entertainment circles. Bahati is Diana’s husband and the father of her children.

During the premiere of their Netflix reality show, The Bahati Empire, Diana praised Bahati for being an honorable husband and father, highlighting his great value.

I want to thank my husband, Bahati. There’s a lot that has been said about me; there are not positive things, and you’ve really stood up for me. I love you for the fact that when you come into our home, you are not the Bahati, the celebrity that people know; you are my husband, father to my children; you are my pillar; you are my anchor; you are my best friend; you are my shoulder to lean on; and I want to thank you for that,” Diana expressed.

Diana and Bahari have recently faced public scrutiny and caused uproar with their antics. Ahead of the launch of their reality TV series, social media was awash with videos of Bahati and Diana dressed in red matching dresses and high heels.

The couple was also accused of chasing clout ahead after Bahati shared a photo of Diana with professional footballer Victor Wanyama. Previous rumors have suggested that Wanyama and Diana share a past that led to the birth of Morgan, allegations that remain unconfirmed.

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