Crazy Kennar reveals reasons why he went back to school

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Kenyan YouTuber and content creator Crazy Kennar has opened up and disclosed what he has been doing in South Africa.

Kennar hasn’t been uploading a lot of content to his channel in recent weeks hence speculation from his fans on his whereabouts.

The comedian, who was speaking to Youtuber Mungai Eve explained that he decided to move to South Africa to enrol in film school and acquire additional skills – which he currently lacks.

In South Africa, I am currently studying writing in film. During the week niko shule (South Africa) na during the weekend niko hapa (Kenya). Shule kuna unconventional ways of learning. System si ile ya 8 to 5. Lecturers hapo wanaconsider feelings. Mtu anaweza sema amechoka na aende home,” Kennar explained.

Kennar, who was born Kennedy Odhiambo mentioned that his decision to go back to school is also driven by his dream of winning an Oscar, which requires him to gain more knowledge in arts.

Mimi ni content creator nilianza kama actor, I am a natural actor, born actor but kuna skills zingine niliacquire along the way. Kuwrite, kuedit, kushoot. Tukisongasonga nilipata kitu inaitwa ceiling board. For you to go beyond the ceiling board, ni either ukuwe na knowledge, resources ama patronage” Kennar added.

“Point imefika, huwezi dream kitu hujawahi ona, hujawahi skia ama hujawahi experience. So ndio uincrease the size of your dreams, lazima ugo beyond the normal. Unajua nataka kushinda Oscar, hiyo ni kitu inaniinspire. Ata saa hii, days zimebaki nishinde Oscar ni 1819 days!”

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