Comedian Eric Omondi refunds Moses Kuria money he was lent 8 years ago for a US trip

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Self proclaimed king of comedy and activist Eric Omondi has refunded Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria cash advanced to him for sponsoring his trip to the US eight years ago.

Eric shared a video on his social media accounts holding a huge bundle of Ksh1,000 notes and giving some to CS Moses Kuria.

Today I have officially refunded Mheshimiwa all his money that he used to pay for my trip to the USA. Hio ingine nimemtumia na @officialpaysii Malipo ni hapa Duniani,” Eric posted.

Moses Kuria on the other hand, dressed in a navy blue suit, received the cash with a cheerful glee.

Eric previously revealed that his first travel to the US accompanied by fellow comedian Chipukeezy was courtesy of sponsorship by Moses Kuria.

However, Moses Kuria, a former MP for Gatundu South and current Cabinet Secretary in President William Ruto’s cabinet is not happy with Eric’s activism.

Eric Omondi has been vocal criticising the increasing cost of living under the current government something the Moses Kuria’s isn’t happy about.

Last year’s, the CS did not hold back, openly disclosing his previous financial support to the comedian and how he funded his start up.

Kuria claimed to have sponsored Omondi’s trip to the United States eight years ago and expressed remorse for what he felt was a wasted opportunity.

Kuria even regretted that instead of supporting Omondi’s career, he should have used the money for ‘sherehe’.

“Ni lazima tuwe watu ambao tunajilinganisha na dunia nzima. Nimeskia Eric akisema ni kijana. Miaka saba iliyopita nilichukua pesa yangu nikampeleka America ndio aone vile dunia iko. Saa hii vile anaongea, afadhali ningetumia hio pesa kwa sherehe,” Moses Kuria said.

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