Celebrating World Gin Day 2024

Bramwel Oloo
Bramwel Oloo

Fifteen years ago, World Gin Day was founded as a way of bringing friends together to celebrate gin and raise a glass to what has today become a culture and movement by gin lovers across the world.

Since then, World Gin Day is observed every year on the first Saturday of the month of June. This year, World Gin Day will be observed on June 8.

Over the years, the juniper-infused spirit has captured the hearts and minds of many and evolved from just cocktail ingredients to a cultural icon, inspiring creativity and innovation in the world of mixology.

Gilbeys; A favorite spirit for gin lovers

Gilbeys has played a significant role in changing the way Kenyans enjoy gin becoming a favorite among gin enthusiasts since 1857. Its unique blend of botanicals and smooth finish make it an ideal choice for crafting perfect gin cocktails for different flavor profiles.

Gilbeys continues to pioneer innovative consumption moments and define the art of mixology transforming the cocktail scene and shaping the way our customers sip, savor, and celebrate gin cocktails. Gilbeys is the most mixable gin and gives an opportunity to our consumers to experiment with whatever flavor of mixers of their choice,” said Zipporah Ndung’u, Gilbeys Brand Manager.

As we raise our glasses to toast to World Gin Day, I urge our consumers to celebrate not only the spirit itself but also the rich history and creativity that surrounds one of the the most iconic gin in the world” Zipporah added.

One of Kenya’s renowned Gin mixologist Lushasha, notes that Gin and Tonic is one of the classic cocktails that can be enjoyed in every occasion that consumers can try out even at home.

Gin is one of the most versatile brands and easy to make cocktails with because of the botanicals used, its easy to play with and mix easily with any mixers.  As we celebrate this iconic day, it’s a great time for Gin enthusiasts to try out classic cocktails such as Gin and Tonic, Negroni and GinFizz as perfect cocktails that you can never go wrong,” says Lushasha.

Gin’s popularity transcends borders, with its influence reaching every corner of the globe. From the classic London Dry to the exotic botanical blends of craft distilleries, gin has become a symbol of sophistication and versatility.

Here’s to gin, a timeless classic with endless possibilities.

Gilbeys Cocktail recipes to try out

Gin fizz

  • 60ml Gilbey’s Special Dry Gin
  • 30ml lemon juice, freshly squeezed
  • 30ml simple syrup
  • 1 egg white (optional)
  • Club soda, to top up


  • 30ml Gilbey’s Special Dry gin
  • 30 ml campari
  • 30 ml vermouth

Gilbey’s Special Dry Gin and Tonic

  • Gilbey’s 60 ml
  • Tonic water 120-180 ml
  • 1 wedge of lime
  • Ice cubes.
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