Brown Mauzo praises his first ex-wife, Fatima Idha

Bramwel Oloo
Bramwel Oloo

Kenyan singer Brown Mauzo recently praised his ex, Fatima Idha, for blessing him with two children. Mauzo expressed his gratitude on his InstaStories, saying:

Thank you, God, for giving me not only kids but angels @loreesa_brown.”

The couple, once legally married, divorced in 2020 before Brown went on to date Vera Sidika.

This praise is likely to escalate Mauzo’s online feud with another ex, Vera Sidika, who recently held a lavish divorce party to celebrate her separation from him. Vera shared details about the party on social media, describing it as a wild and raucous affair.

The event was attended by the cast of The Real Housewives of Nairobi and several of Vera’s friends.

Free like a bird, let’s get this party started. Marriage is a scam, you all,” Vera shouted during the party.

In videos from the party, Vera wore a carnivore costume, and her guests fully embraced the theme. She was seen dancing provocatively and performing lap dances on male strippers, sparking mixed reactions online.

Vera also expressed her personal view on marriage, calling it a scam.

When I say marriage is a scam, that’s my opinion and view on it. It’s not a fact. To some, marriage is beautiful; to me, marriage is a scam,” she stated.

The current state of the relationship between Fatima and Brown is unclear, but in 2023, it was strained. At that time, Fatima made it clear that Brown Mauzo was not worth discussing.

I don’t go back to old sh*t,” Fatima shared. She also mentioned that she only receives child support from Mauzo when she publicly criticizes him.

Fatima further stated she is not ready to enter a relationship with a married man, even though polygamy is permitted in Islam.

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