Bahati confesses that he loves older women

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

Media personality Bahati has revealed his preferences when it comes to choosing a partner, and surprisingly, it’s not the younger women that catch his eye.

During the premiere of the TV series ‘The Bahati’s Empire,’ the musician shared the qualities he was looking for in a wife before he settled down with Diana Marua. Ironically, one of the key qualities was that she should be older than him.

With Bahati born in 1994 and Diana in 1988, the couple has a six-year age difference with Diana being older

Bahati also emphasized the importance of his woman having a close relationship with God. This is however bound to raise questions since Bahati, once a gospel musician close to God has now wandered away.

Two things. First, she had to be saved. Secondly, she had to be older than me. Somehow, just to confess, I love my women older,” Bahati said.

The couple already has two children together: Heaven and Majesty. However, Bahati also has another child from a previous relationship with Yvette Obura, while Diana has a child, Morgan, who has frequently appeared on her social media.

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