Women cheat more than men, claims socialite Shakila

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Kenyan socialite Shakilla has stirred up controversy online after sharing a statement on social media claiming that women cheat more than men.

According to the South Africa-based Kenyan socialite, women only need to be alive to cheat, while men need money, which has become increasingly difficult to come by due to the high cost of living.

It’s not even possible that men cheat more than women. A person needs to have money in order to cheat. A woman only needs to be alive,” Shakilla’s statement read.

She further asserted that cheating is expensive, and women are fortunate to have the privilege of needing nothing to do so.

Shakilla who is known for her candid views on relationships has never shied from speaking up. In August 2023, she shocked many netizens by admitting to having a body count of 100-150 during an interview with local blogger Kido.

People say you have a body count of more than five,” questioned Kido.

How do you know I have more than 5? I do not know my body count. If I start counting I will run mad,” Shakilla replied.

100 or 1000?” probed the journalist.

Are you talking about this year or the years before that? This year is a lot. I am below 150,” she responded.

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