Willy Paul reveals why he is abstaining from sex

David Osoro
David Osoro

Kenyan singer Willy Paul has recently revealed that he has been practicing celibacy for a few months.

Celibacy involves abstaining from sexual relations for a period of time, or until marriage.

Pozzee, as he is known by his fans, says his career has experienced significant growth since he began abstaining from sex. The Sitolia hitmaker shared this update on the Mic Cheque Podcast.

I decided to abstain for the success of my album ‘Beyond Gifted.’ I am abstaining, I have abstained for a few months. I wanted to see how my career will be without sex. My career has shot since then. So far so good, God has been true to me,” Pozzee stated.

Willy Paul has previously been in several relationships that have not worked out. He has even been accused of sexual assault by Diana Marua and his ex-girlfriend Miss P.

Pozzee now says that he is in a relationship with himself because he and love are incompatible.

The father of two, while speaking in a previous interview with Willy M Tuva, stated that every relationship he tries usually ends up a mess, leaving him heartbroken and stressed.

Niko na watoto wawili na mama zao ni tofauti. Huku nje ni kunoma. Saa hizi sidate dem yeyote. Ni naji-date. I am dating myself. Mimi na dating ni stima na maji,” he said.

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