Vanessa Mdee: A top Tanzanian music producer almost introduced me to witchcraft

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Vanessa Mdee, the US-based Tanzanian music sensation, has made a startling revelation about her past experiences in the music industry involving black magic.

On the third episode of her ‘Don’t Call It Podcast,’ Mdee disclosed that a top Tanzanian talent manager once pressured her to engage in witchcraft so as to work with him.

Mdee recounted how she reached out to one of Tanzania’s biggest managers, expressing her interest in being managed by his team. The manager’s response was however very shocking and unexpected.

“...And he said to me point blank period, if you come under our management you have to understand that we do practice a cultism, witchcraft, black magic,” Mdee revealed.

She further explained that the producer said that the practice involved presenting the music to some form of ritual before its release.

Before the music comes out, we present it to some kind of ritual and I asked, do you not believe in God? Is it not enough? and he said we do, but this is also part of our culture and I said absolutely no.”

Mdee’s strong faith and values, instilled by her parents, guided her decision to walk away from the offer.

I didn’t pursue that conversation again and I thank God Almighty for my parents for instilling in me the fear of God,” she said, expressing gratitude for her upbringing.

Now based in the US, Mdee has been open about her spiritual journey and her deep connection to her faith. She previously shared that she was born again in Nakuru, Kenya, when she was just eight years old.

“I got saved at about eight years old in Nakuru, Kenya, at Greensted School which I went to at the time and it was my sister Nancy and my brother G. I remember my mother visiting and we were like ‘mummy, we got saved, we got born again.'”

Mdee added that her mother, who was Muslim at the time, didn’t initially understand their decision. Her father, a Catholic and a church leader, had raised them in a Catholic home.

My dad was also a church leader. It’s funny that now people are saying ‘it’s so nice you are giving your life to Christ.’ My life was always given to Christ…Just that I wasn’t living right and I wasn’t an example of that.”

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