Sue Owino prepares Okra water and Uji power for ‘my husband’

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

Kenyan chef Sueh Owino has hopped on the trend wagon, showcasing her culinary skills by preparing Okra water and Uji power for ‘my husband’.

Teasing her followers, she hinted at the imminent reveal with the caption “Dropping 🔜” alongside official pictures.

In the photos, she is seen with Okra on her lap, while peanuts and cassava adorned the side.

Kenyans quickly caught on to the amusement of her forthcoming serving of ‘my husband’ with uji power, a porridge praised for its purported benefits to men.

“When my husband arrived, I made him this because of the harsh weather,” Sue explained.

Kenya has been experiencing heavy rains and floods, perhaps why Sue decided to keep her bae ‘warm’.

Sueh smiled as her husband appeared to take a sip of the uji.

The trending topics of Okra water and uji power have dominated discussions over the past week, with authorities suggesting some form of regulation, although specifics remain unclear.

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