Stivo Simple Boy opens new social media accounts after his manager locks him out of previous ones

David Osoro
David Osoro

Kenyan artist Stivo Simple Boy has announced his return to the online sphere, urging fans and the public to reconnect with him.

He informed his followers that he is moving forward with plans reconnect with more Kenyans by opening new social media handles.

In a video posted yesterday, the artist further expressed his plan to resume releasing more music in the coming days.

This move follows days of absence, attributed to his producer’s refusal to return his account for undisclosed reasons, despite his efforts to retrieve it.

Niko na mambo muhimu…kuna mtu amekatalia account yangu…nimejaribu kufuatilia lakini imeshindikana. So kwa saa hizi nimefungua account mpya twende pale YouTube, Instagram na TikTok hizo account zikue na namba kubwa,” stated Stivo.

He clarified that he is currently without a manager and is self-managing.

This marks the third time the “Mihadarati” hitmaker is opening new accounts.

Stivo concluded by urging Kenyans to disregard other accounts and extend their support to him and his music.

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