Pretty Vishy dares Stivo Simple Boy to repeat his demands on marriage direct to her face

David Osoro
David Osoro

Rapper Stevo Simple Boy has been thrust into the spotlight amidst his recent demands on marriage aimed at his former partner, Pritty Vishy.

Stivo and Pritty Vishy were ‘romantically’ involved long before his rise to fame.

Their romantic journey however came to an end in early 2022, with Stevo subsequently moving on and marrying another woman. However, their marriage faltered after she reportedly conceived a child with another man.

After leaving his wife, the rapper said that although he had suspicions, the confirmation came when Grace gave birth and her family member disclosed the truth about the baby’s paternity.

In a recent interview with Kenya Online Media, Stevo made some wild demands on compensation from Pritty Vishy if the two were to get back together.

If she wants us to get back together, she should bring half a million, and if she wants me to impregnate her, she should bring 1 million. If she wants us to get married, 2 million,” he declared.

Responding to Stevo’s remarks, Pritty Vishy demanded that if Stivo was man enough, he should communicate direcrly to her.

As soon as I wake up, I’m going to see that artist to say those words he’s blurting out to my face, I see trouble walking,” she asserted.

Pritty explained that it was her decision to end the relationship with Stevo and adamantly stated her reluctance to reconcile, even if he were to seek another chance.

Contrary to some claims, it was alleged that Stevo Simple Boy’s relationship with the 21-year-old entertainer was not carnal in their relationship as Stivo had a desire to abstain from intimacy until marriage.

After the two lovely birds broke up, Pritty Vishy stated that she was unwilling to settle with nothing less than a bride price of Ksh 2 million bride price for any man willing to marry her.

My dowry is 2 million and I don’t want cows. It’s not a lot as you know your worth. It’s a must you set your standards,” Vishy said then.

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