Peter of P Square undergoes hair transplant surgery in Turkey

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

Nigerian superstar and P Square band member Peter Okoye, famously known as Mr. P, has decided to ‘enhance’ his looks by undergoing a hair transplantat procedure in Istanbul, Turkey. 

According to Peter, the transplant will restore his receding hairline.

P-Square are a Nigerian music duo composed of the twin brothers Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye, who co-write and co-produce most of their songs. Some of their hit songs include No one like you (2007) and Beautiful Onyinye (2011).

Peter took to Instagram to share the intimate details of his hair restoration journey with his fans.

Hey guys, Mr. P is here. I’m here in Istanbul with a doctor who is about to look after my hair. You guys know I’ve been uncomfortable about it, but guess what, you’ll see the before and after of the magic this guy is about to do,” he said, his excitement palpable through the screen.

In another update, Peter gave his followers a sneak peek into the progress of his procedure. The superstar revealed that the extraction phase was completed with 2,400 grafts.

The extraction part is done; we have about 2400, and it’s time to eat. I’m feeling 100% good; nothing to worry about; just to look good for you guys,” he added.

Stay tuned, as Mr. P is set to reveal the ‘before and after’ magic, promising to bring back his youthful hairline and boost his on-stage confidence, making his performances even more electrifying.

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