Our house help molested me when I was young, reveals Pastor Robert Burale

David Osoro
David Osoro

City Pastor Robert Burale has revealed that he was molested by their house help as a young boy during his time in lower Primary School.

“I was molested by our house help. You can imagine not being able to tell anybody. At Primary I was already experiencing stuff men in their 50’s should not be experiencing. I was feeling threatened by the house help, I would go to the dining room and would see her looking at me,” Burale confessed.

The incident, he said, traumatized him and he only healed once he became an adult.

“As a kid anyone older than you has the power to kill you. I dealt with that issue when I was over 35. That was a plan by the devil to make sure I did not succeed. Healing comes after the anger,” the pastor added.

The issue didn’t weigh his success in life though as he went on to become one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in East Africa.

The city pastor wears many hats; he is an acclaimed event host, inspirational speaker, image consultant, Marketing strategist and an actor. He is the man behind The Robert Burale School of Leadership.

Additionally, he is the CEO of The Readily Bold Company.

Burale is divorced but he shares an 18-year old daughter, Lexie, with his ex-wife. 

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