Nonini reveals why he was forced to reshoot his new music video

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Genge pioneer artist and rapper Nonini, real name Hubert Nakitare, has revealed the behind-the-scenes challenges surrounding his latest music video for the song “Hustle Clean.”

In a post on X (Twitter), Nonini shared that the original “Hustle Clean” music video was shot in Kenya, but the video producer refused to hand over the footage, forcing him to reshoot it overseas.

Screengrab of Nonini’s post on X

Explaining the absence of his collaborator Michelle Bisonga in the video, Nonini revealed that he had to redo the entire shoot in Miami, USA.

Believe it or not I shot this video in Kenya December then a dude refused with my footage nikaingia Miami and shot it again. That’s why Michelle Bisonga is not on this version because he is holding her footage,” Nonini wrote on X.

The new video, directed by Hussein Njoroge, features Nonini cruising around in a sleek red jeep as he tours some of Miami’s most serene beaches.

In the video Michelle Bisonga, who performs the chorus, is conspicuously missing.

After several fans asked Nonini what action he had taken against the uncooperative video producer, he assured them that he would address the issue and prevent such malpractice in the future.

But mtaskia story this will be the last time people mess with someone’s livelihood…” he promised.

Nonini has previously stated that he relocated to the United States mainly due to the tough economic conditions during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pioneer Henge music artist who lives in Maryland, also explained that he needed to be closer to his son, who lives in the US, and to streamline his income channels, which had been affected by the pandemic.

Nonini has also previously stated that he currently earns his income through his apparel line, Mgenge 2Ru.

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