Natalie Githinji reveals how she almost lost her private parts

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Media Personality Natalie Githinji has recounted a shocking incident where she nearly lost her private parts.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Natalie narrated how a week ago she wasn’t feeling well and decided to take some medication to see if it would help her feel better.

There was a time last week I was feeling very tired nilikua naumwa na mifupa nikakumbuka..Avril, alikua amenipea package from my everything again, so I decided wacha nichukue nijisoak ndani ya karai, so I read the instructions,” Natalie said.

Things went south when Natalie decided to overdose by not fully following the medication instructions because of her strong desire to feel more relaxed.

Githinji…akasema… kai iko nini…nikaona nijaze kifuniko… Kuna yenye nilieka half the bottle nikagusa nikaona, it is giving nikaeka…nili overdose to make the experience extremely relaxing,” Natalie said.

She then used cold water, which made things worse because the medication did not work well with cold water, affecting her private parts, which she said were on fire.

She started shaking, and the effects were becoming unbearable considering she had first overdosed and now compounded the issue with cold water.

And then venye niliingia kwa maji hiyo essential oil ilikua imejaa kwa mwili, and I was like, My shower is not working. Lemmie, use maji baridi. Little did I know that the medicine doesn’t go well with cold water.”

“I started shaking… Nilikua naskia baridi haga…feeling pain in the whole body…my bumbum…my daisy…my private parts were burning up, my bum bum kalikua kanasikia baridi.”

Natalie is a renowned media personality who works at NRG Radio as the host of the breakfast show called NRG Breakfast.

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