Nadia Mukami pens heartfelt tribute to Arrow Bwoy on his birthday

David Osoro
David Osoro

Nadia Mukami is celebrating Arrow Bwoy’s birthday with a heartfelt tribute. The “Kai Wangu” singer shared a touching message alongside a picture of the couple with flowers, expressing her deep love and gratitude for him.

Happy birthday Baba watoto! You are stuck with me for life! In good and bad times! Especially that kaperiod when I am ovulating and I can’t figure out why I am mad at you! I even create things in my head 😄That one too😄 Ni mimi tu ama fellow ladies? Help me wish @arrowbwoy a happy birthday,” Nadia wrote.

Arrow Bwoy also marked his special day with a positive reflection on his journey, sharing inspirational pictures and noting, “Cheers to another trip around the sun. Yenyewe ni God.”

It is heartwarming how the couple’s mutual admiration extends beyond their home. The two are joint collaborators in their career milestones something which Arrow Bwoy has previously appreciated his lover for.

Just recently, Arrow Bwoy celebrated Nadia for their joint success in the music industry, particularly praising her for the triumph of their Love and Vibes festival in Eldoret. Despite facing challenges during the planning stages, Nadia’s dedication ensured the event’s success.

Arrow Bwoy even went ahead and emphasized the importance of choosing supportive partners, saying, “Be smart while choosing partners and always ensure the person you are with can come through for you when needed.”

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