Michelle Ntalami celebrates 9 months of salvation, explains absence from social media

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Michelle Ntalami took to social media to celebrate nine months of salvation and revealed that she had seen the hand of Christ in her life.

The Marini Naturals founder announced that she received God’s call in August 2023 when she hit rock bottom and questioned his existence.

While sharing her experience on social media, the business-woman explained her transformative journey from a worldly to a spiritual woman.

“I have done my fair share of publicity for myself, others and brands. But today, I do it for The Lord Jesus Christ.👑I have received the greatest gift one could ever have!✨On the 21st of August 2023, I had a life-changing encounter with God Himself. As an astute businesswoman, life was beautiful. However, behind the success lay a heart that was deeply wounded by different human experiences along the journey of my life. Being an empath, the hurt began to take a toll. “

She further revealed that she has adopted significant changes that define who she is now.

Among the notable transformations, Michelle spoke candidly about letting go of people, places, and habits that were no longer serving her. These include distancing herself from alcohol, vaping, clubbing, parties, people-pleasing, and a deliberate reduction in her time spent on social media.

She emphasized that these decisions were the best she had ever made.

Ntalami further added that she had deleted all her social media videos and photos as a way of rubbing away her tainted past and revamping her life.

“Last year, I hit rock bottom. One night in total surrender, I cried out to God questioning His existence.In an instant, I felt the most overpowering rush of love and light engulf me! A thunderous, beautiful voice called my name “Michelle” 3 times. He blinded me and threw me to the floor. In that moment, knew I was in the presence of the Lord! Then God said; ‘Yes I am real. Yes I have seen your pain and I have been there through it all. Yes, I AM.’ Then, for about an hour, God showed me visions, and spoke to me about so many things in my life. The depth of this entire conversation and experience cannot be put in words. I will share in time.Then God isolated and sanctified me, to this day. Hence my absence on Social Media.”

An important aspect of Michelle’s journey was her choice to embrace forgiveness—both for herself and for others.

Michelle has been embroiled in controversy in the past with rumours that she was dating fellow woman and Kenyan musician Fena Gitu.

The two pretty women were rumoured to be involved in a relationship after photos of themselves having cosy moments at a beach were shared online.

Fena Gitu and Ntalami

In a series of photos, the two looked joyous in each other’s company as they posed for the wonderful pictures while on a vacation in Madagascar.

The two however denied this with Fena writing a lengthy post that said in part: “As it stands, we are not dating. She did not deny this. Neither did she deny me.”

Michelle was also publicly known to have been dating media personality Makena Njeri aka Chris with the two later undergoing a messy breakup.

Makena and Ntalami during their days as a couple

In a long three-part statement posted on social media, Ntalami cited serial infidelity with multiple women for close to a year as the main reason behind their breakup.

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