Legalize bhang in Kenya, says Bensoul

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Kenyan singer and song-writer Bensoul is now advocating for the legalization of bhang in Kenya.

The award-winning singer made his feelings known when he was speaking with entertainment journalist Silvakido.

Bensoul further outlined his reasons for the legalization, highlighting the medicinal benefits of the plant and its ability to help people relax and meditate.

Tafadhali waache hii kitu ikue is legal, not because of Sisi Watu Tunavuta. The medical and medicinal use of that plant, Hii plant inaeza, change the medical industry in our country in so many ways. Kuna so many drugs, zinaeza distractiwa hapo,” Bensoul shared.

Bensoul stated that legalizing ‘weed’ has the potential to help many, especially those struggling with diseases that the plant can cure.

The sentiments of the grammy award-winning singer who recently left Sol Generation to form his new record label will no doubt excite Professor George Wajackoyah of the Roots Party of Kenya who has been advocating for legalization and commercialisation of cannabis.

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