Kennedy Rapudo to pay for surgery for Amber Ray’s ‘fallen’ boobs

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Kenyan businessman Kennedy Rapudo has pledged to cover the cost of Amber Ray’s cosmetic breast surgery.

A week ago, Amber Ray mentioned her plans for the surgery, explaining that breastfeeding both her young infant and her partner has affected the shape of her breasts. The socialite said she feels like her breasts have fallen or rather lost shape and she wants to make them look alive again.

During the birthday celebration of their daughter, Africanah, Rapudo confirmed his support for his wife’s decision.

My wife can do whatever she needs to do. She always has my support. And I don’t have an issue with whether she wants to enlarge her boobs. As long as she is happy, we discuss it, and we agree with it. Whatever she wants to do, Lemmie knows how much it is, and I will fund it,” Rapudo promised.

Amber Ray, who was present with him, indicated that she plans to have more children before proceeding with the surgery.

During the same birthday celebrations, Rapudo also promised his socialite wife a grand wedding preceded by a never-seen-before ruracio.

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