Socialite Kelvin Kinuthia reveals his sources of income

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

Socialite and cross-dresser Kelvin Kinuthia has opened up and revealed his main source of income. The popular Tiktoker and YouTuber clarified to his fans that his main source of income is content creation and brand influencing.

Kinuthia further explained that social media has been sustaining him with monthly earnings and payments.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Kinuthia also revealed the income is not consistent and sometimes fluctuates.

Hakuna-specific Figure I can say monthly, like this is how much I get per month. Months zi uvary because there are times I make more a month and there are times I make less,” Kinuthia explained.

“I earn through brands; I am a brand ambassador for many brands. Unapata brands pay me, and I usually earn through YouTube,” the socialite added.

However, Kinuthia also shed light on the challenges inherent in his line of work, particularly regarding payment consistency from brand partnerships.

Kuna brands zingine zitakulipa hii month next month hazitakulipa, so brands are not something that is consistent, and I don’t have a consistent figure I earn every month,” he explained.

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