Karen Nyamu featured in music video as a vixen

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

Gospel singer Gelfas Khayega Amuchitsi, popularly known as Firebwize, has released a new song titled “Waambie Watulie,” which has created a buzz among Kenyans.

The excitement is however not just about the song but also because Senator Karen Nyamu features prominently as one of the video vixens.

Senator is an amazing being, she loved my music and she’s been my greatest support system. She is easygoing, understanding, and supportive,” he explained.

She sponsored my video at one of the fast-growing music labels in Kenya; Safri Records. It’s always been my dream to do quality work and mheshimiwa made it possible. She appeared in the video together with Hon. Kathambi, and Hon Salasya among others,” he added.

The new song is inspired by the difficult times many Kenyans are facing.

We are living in tough times & as you can see there are a lot of issues in our society. From hard economic times, floods, psychological disorders, etc. So my inspiration in this music is to encourage people to hold on and wait & see how God will act. It’s a matter of time, Waambie Watulie,” he said.

The song aims to offer hope and encouragement to those struggling with the various challenges in society today.

We know the Senator can dance. But how do you think Hon. Peter Salasya and Hon. Kathambi did?

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