Karen Nyamu banned from TikTok live for sharing sexually suggestive content

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Karen Nyamu has been banned from live streaming on her TikTok account due to violations of the platform’s terms and regulations.

The lawyer shared a screenshot with her fans on Instagram showing her restriction from going live on TikTok, citing a breach of their stipulated terms.

The platform alleged that Nyamu had been sharing sexually suggestive content during her live sessions, prompting the abrupt closure of her livesteam.

However, TikTok assured her that her account would be reinstated later in the day.

The incident arose after Karen Nyamu hugged one of her friends during the live session, leading TikTok to close her live session abruptly and proceed to suspend her account temporarily.

Tiktok possibly perceived the interaction as inappropriate and leading to other more inappropriate things.

In a light-hearted response, Nyamu humorously joked about TikTok becoming stricter in the future, suggesting that even mundane actions might now be scrutinized.

TikTok itabaniwa in Kenya nikiwa bafu nikioga,” Nyamu quipped on her Instagram stories.

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