Kanyari should be banned from TikTok, says Ezekiel Mutua

David Osoro
David Osoro

Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of the Kenya Film Classification Board, wants controversial pastor Victor Kanyari banned from Tiktok. Mutual has announced his intent to issue a statement that could result in Pastor Victor Kanyari being banned from TikTok and potentially jailed.

Mutua claims that Kanyari is allegedly demeaning the reputation of pastors and the entire clergy.

Pastor Victor Kanyari has become a sensation and a trending topic since he began hosting live sessions on TikTok. His recent interactions have led many to question whether he is still a man of the cloth.

Recently, he encouraged a woman to shake her ‘nyash’ live on Tiktok for his fans to see.

Kanyari has also been engaging women on the platform, promising to send them money and buy them expensive gifts like phones.

Among his controversial actions, the controversial pastor prayed for LGBTQ socialite Chokuu’s sexuality in a session that seemed more playful than serious.

Additionally, a braless lady left Kanyari visibly shocked with her appearance on a TikTok live session.

Kanyari has also been asking his fans to send him Tiktok gifts in exchange for prayers.

But Tiktok isn’t the only platform where the pastor has been active. His YouTube channel where he runs his church TV channel has also seen it’s share of questionable content.

Screengrab from a Tiktok live session when a braless woman shocked Kanyari

The controversies however peaked when the preacher received some unexpected ‘materials’ for his antics from a female fan. The ‘mbegu ya 310’ pastor was gifted condoms and Arimis petroleum jelly by a female fan who felt he might need them given his interactions with young women, as he hopes to find a wife.

The controversial gifts left Kenyans in shock since they were presented to the pastor in church.

Pastor Kanyari has however asked netizens to stop criticizing the young woman who gifted him condoms and petroleum jelly during the church service.

The church is a place that everyone is welcomed whether a sinner or a saint,” Kanyari explained.

He defended himself, saying that while the woman may have been wrong to give him such items, it is not a preacher’s role to judge anyone—that is the work of God.

“Even Jesus himself defended a prostitute when people tried stoning her,” Kanyari concluded.

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