Justina Syokau is a sex addict, says Ringtone

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Gospel artist Justina Syokau recently revealed details about why she recently walked away from her failed marriage after years of being a faithful wife – reasons that controversial gospel singer Ringtone disputes.

According to Syokau, she finally left her matrimonial home after enduring so much infidelity from her husband that she couldn’t take it anymore.

Apart from constant beating, he often humiliated me in front of his family. He would disappear for days and leave me with no money for food. He always consulted his mother and followed her instructions. I had no voice in the family even though I was the wife,” Syokau opened up.

In addition to infidelity, Syokau cited disrespect and a meddling mother-in-law as the main reasons for leaving her marriage.

In a previous interview with Oga Obinna, Justina Syokau had revealed that despite having been married as a virgin, her husband could not keep his hands off other women.

With her marriage failing and frustration setting in, the gospel singer, popularly known for her hit song “Mwaka Wa Kupanuliwa,” then turned to adult films.

According to Syokau, this was the only way she could think of to bring her husband back to their matrimonial home, but sadly, it never happened.  

Ringtone speaks out

However, according to Ringtone, it turns out that Syokau was allegedly dumped by her husband, who could not continue feeding her sex addiction.

Ringtone apparently learned this from a pastor who personally knows Syokau.

Ringtone revealed that the pastor confirmed Syokau was dumped because “all she wanted was to spend time in the bedroom and nothing else.

Justina aliwachwa kwa sababu anapenda mambo ya ngono. Anapenda kushinda bedroom,” Ringtone explained.

Ata ule pastor aliniambia Justina aliwachana na bwana yake ju ya addiction. Akona addiction ya sex,” he concluded.

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