Is Lilian Ng’ang’a pregnant for Juliani again?

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Lilian Ng’ang’a and Juliani might be expecting their second child, judging from a video shared by Lilian on her Instagram page.

Many Kenyans believe her swollen face and swollen nose are clear indications of pregnancy. 

A quick Google check indicates that having a stuffy or runny nose could be because of a rise in hormone levels and blood production which happens during pregnancy and causes mucous membranes in the nose to swell.

Swelling during pregnancy isn’t incoming. Normal swelling, also called oedema, can happen in the hands, feet, face, legs, and ankles.

The couple already have a son together.

Juliani and Lilian Ng’ang’a first made headlines in 2021 after they confirmed they were dating shortly after Lilian Ng’ang’a allegedly ended her relationship with former Governor Mutua, whom she had dated for several years.

Lilian and her then politician boyfriend agreed to mutually end their relationship, with Lilian proceeding to confirm her new relationship with Juliani later on.

In July 2022, the couple welcomed their baby boy into the world.

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