Inside Mike Sonko’s extravagant jewelry & bling collection

David Osoro
David Osoro

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko recently made headlines with a surprising revelation about the value of his jewelry collection during an interview on Obinna’s YouTube show.

Sonko, known for his flamboyant lifestyle, offered insights into his extravagant wardrobe choices despite no longer holding any political office. He proudly shared details about his extensive collection of bling worth millions.

Sonko also boasted of owning 11 operational phones that keep him connected around the clock to his business, family, and friends.

According to Sonko, even his most basic attire items, like underwear, come with hefty price tags, each costing him around Ksh 10,000.

During the interview, Sonko showcased his lavish rings, explaining that each carried a value in the millions. He however attributed some of the rings to gifts from his wife and provided the heavy figures for the prices of his necklaces.

Sonko confidently stated that one of his diamond rings was valued at approximately Ksh 15 million, while another was worth Ksh 10 million. He went on to mention that his wife had also purchased him a ring worth Ksh 7 million.

To dispel any doubts about the authenticity of his claims, Sonko suggested that a jewelry expert be brought in for future discussions to confirm the value of his accessories. He emphasized the need for transparency, as some viewers might question the credibility of his statements.

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