Hamisa Mobetto officially confirms breakup with her rich boyfriend

David Osoro
David Osoro

Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto has officially confirmed that she broke up with her wealthy boyfriend Kevin Sowax.

In a recent interview, Mobetto revealed that she is currently single, attributing their separation to the challenges posed by long distance and their demanding schedules.

Despite the end of their relationship, Mobetto expressed admiration and appreciation for Kevin, describing him as a good person. “He is a wonderful individual, and I hold him in high regard,” she stated.

Rumors about their breakup began circulating earlier this year when Kevin, also known as Mr. Chopelife, deleted all photos of Mobetto from his social media accounts.

The couple had publicly announced their relationship late last year, with Mobetto frequently sharing affectionate messages about Kevin on Instagram.

One of her posts read, “To the man who always gets me flowers and all the finest things in the world. I simply adore you. To this man right here, I love you beyond words and I hope you will always feel that even when I’m not around to tell you.

Mobetto, a mother of two, introduced Kevin as her new partner in a series of social media posts, where she often expressed her love and admiration for him.

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