“Go out with as many girls as you can” – Zari advises son on his birthday

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Tanzanian model and entrepreneur Zari Hassan celebrated her son’s 18th birthday with warm congratulations and wishes to have a full love life.

Quincy Tlale, is Zari’s third-born son.

During the birthday celebrations, Zari shared a video capturing a conversation with her son, where he mentioned plans to dine out with friends. Quincy explained that the outing was strictly with male friends, not girls.

Zari, however, encouraged him to embrace dating in this modern era.

You know this generation is different. I want to see you hanging out with girls. I don’t mind you dating girls. I’m happy, go out and meet girls, I’m happy for you guys,” Zari remarked.

Because what’s next? I’ll be surprised if someone is dating a boy? Go meet girls, as many as you want. I’m pleased about it, I’m fine with it, go and mingle,” the socialite added.

“Make sure… They’re going to age like me, be beautiful like me, smart like me, hardworking like me,” Zari concluded.

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