From drinking alcohol daily, to 1 month of being sober – Dr. Ofweneke celebrates win

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

Kenyan content creator and TV show host Dr. Ofweneke joyfully shared with his fans a major milestone in his life – celebrating a full month of sobriety!

Ofweneke posted his ‘win’ on his socials informing his fans of his newfound spiritual journey outside of daily ‘sherehe‘. The popular youtuber recounted to his fans how he has been through hell and back with daily liquor drinking struggles.

“From consuming an average of 2 whiskey bottles a day, to celebrating my first month of being sober today,” stated the father of two.

Ofweneke further attributed his big win to the spiritual connection he has developed with God that guides his steps.

“My thirst has turned into spending time with God in prayer and worship, l no longer feel physical, being in the spirit 24 hours and enjoying the presence of God and hearing from him is too sweet. My addiction to spending time with God is growing crazy everyday,” Ofweneke added.

Thank you Aba for choosing to be among the army to fight for the kingdom in these last hour less,” he concluded.

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