Edday Nderitu marks one year in the US after leaving Samidoh

David Osoro
David Osoro

Edday Nderitu, the ex-wife of mugithi singer Samidoh took to her social media to reminisce on her time in the US of A after leaving Kenya.

Many people were surprised when she took the bold step of leaving her life, her home, and most notably, her husband behind.

In April 2023, Edday Nderitu decided to relocate to the United States with their three children, where they subsequently began their schooling later in the year.

To mark that milestone move, Edday took to her socials this year to celebrate her life changing move and the changes that came with it.

“It’s exactly one year ago today when I took a step of faith and started a new chapter in my life! That takes a lot of courage and determination. Here’s to celebrating my growth, resilience, and the unknown adventures that lie ahead!” Edday stated.

“I’ve discovered new strengths, developed coping strategies, and gained valuable insights about myself and my abilities. I’ll Keep moving forward, even if the path ahead is still unclear. I’ve got this! Remember that every step, even the ones that feel uncertain or scary, is an opportunity for growth and learning,” Edday added.

In 2023, she publicly announced she wouldn’t be in a polygamous relationship, while scolding her husband.

Edday pointed to Senator Karen Nyamu as a factor in the challenges faced by her and Samidoh.

Karen, who shares two children with Samidoh, has openly shared their relationship on social media, showcasing family moments with Samidoh and the children.

This has definitely irked Samidoh’s high school sweetheart and the mother of their three kids.

Edday also poured her heart out about the pain and humiliation she has experienced in their marriage due to Karen.

She later showed a picture of herself traveling to the US with the three children. Many thought it was a vacation, but a year later and she hasn’t returned to Kenya.

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