Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby claps back at netizens over her multiple male ‘besties’

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Fashion model and brand influencer Rue Baby has taken to her social media to address the ongoing rumors and interest surrounding her romantic life.

Rue baby, who is Akothee’s second born, urged netizens to stop assuming every man she is seen with is her boyfriend or a lover

In a candid post, Rue Baby expressed her frustration with gossip blogs that often speculate about her relationships, causing discomfort not only for her but also for her male friends who are often in committed relationships themselves.

I want to address something real quick. I want to have fun with my male friends, I want to go out on dates with them, I want to go on dinners with them and clubbing, I mean they are my friends, right?” Rue stated, clearly worked up by the constant scrutiny.

She further emphasized that platonic relationships between men and women are possible.

You are putting my friends in very awkward situations. I cannot have my friends waking up every morning and bloggers have written, ‘Rue’s new boyfriend.’ You are putting my friend’s in very difficult situations with them having to constantly justify to their girlfriends ‘babe, Rue is just my friend’ over and over,” Rue explained.

I want to have fun with my male friends. I want to go out on dates with them. I want to go on dinners with them and clubbing…

Fashion Model Rue Baby

While she admitted to being in a “talking stage” with a guy, Rue emphasized that she is currently not in a committed relationship. She asserted that if and when she does enter into a serious relationship, she will make it public.

But when I get to a relationship you guys will definitely see a finger or two, a kidney, a liver or something. Please I want to enjoy with my male friends, I want to post my friends in peace and have fun. All those guys you are posting out there when you see me with them there just my friends! They are guys I wouldn’t even… like none of them is even a guy that I would actually… please,” Rue concluded.

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