A remorseful Pastor Kanyari apologizes to Kenyans on Tiktok live

David Osoro
David Osoro

Controversial preacher Pastor Kanyari has issued an apology to Kenyans after receiving gifts, including a packet of condoms, on the altar of his church.

In a circulated video, Kanyari explained what had occurred before proceeding to apologize.

Msichana kutoka ukambani aliniletea condoms katika madhabahu. Mimi sikujua, mimi nimefanyia Mungu kazi for 30 years na sijawahi ona mtu ambaye anaweza leta vitu kama hizo katika madhabahu,” Kanyari explained.

Hakuna mtu hakoseangi, msichana huyo alikosea na mimi pia sikutaka kumpiga maana ningeongea angepigwa na washirika.”

Kanyari explained that the lady was a TikToker who had seen the preacher on the social media app and decided to visit his church. He noted that the lady is not born again.

Nimekuja kuomba msamaha. Naomba mnisamehe kwa hilo jambo. Na jambo kama hilo halitajirudia tena.”

Kanyari said he opened the gifts thinking they were gifts for ‘kupanda mbegu,’ only to be shocked by the contents.

The controversial pastor has recently been on the spot for his controversial interactions with TikTokers, leading many to question his status as a man of the cloth.

Besides the shocking gift of condoms, another incident involved a fan who exposed herself by not wearing a bra, leaving him shocked.

Pastor Kanyari appears shocked as he engages a braless lady on Tiktok live

And just a week later, the preacher was seen on a Tiktok live encouraging another female fan to shake her ‘nyash‘ for all to see.

These interactions prompted KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua to call for Kanyari to be banned from TikTok. However, this might not happen soon, as a day later, Mutua was seen praying for Kanyari and laying hands on him.

It remains to be seen whether indeed the controversial preacher has turned a leaf in his life or we are yet to see more after the fire dies down.

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