Zuchu packs bags and leaves home after Diamond reconnects with his Ex-lover

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

Diamond Platnumz’s sister, Esma Khan, hinted on social media that singer Zuchu packed her bags and left Diamond’s home which they have been sharing because of one of Simba’s former lover.

Esma shared the revelation on her Instagram stories, urging the ‘Sukari’ hitmaker to return.

Mdogo wangu Zuchu, mabag ulobeba nakuja kuyafata, jana umenifanya nilale saa kumi na moja nikajua tumemaliza kumbe hadi kubeba mabag, mdogo wangu usiwe hivi. Mzanzibar mwenzangu hizi hasira,” Esma beseeched.

Later on, during an interview with Wasafi, Esma stated that Zuchu made it clear she is not coming back.

She took everything, including her toothbrush. My mother also begged her not to go but she did,” Esma said.

She said she is not coming back. She is not picking Diamond’s phone calls and she is very angry. She said she is not coming back even if you kill her,” Esma added.

Esma’s disclosure emerged shortly after Diamond Platnumz introduced his former lover, Sarah, to his fans during a show. The reunion occurred over the weekend when Sarah made an appearance at Diamond’s concert to show her support.

Diamond expressed his affection for Sarah but highlighted how she gave him proper ‘character development’ when they were together. He however clarified that she has since since moved on and started a family.

Sarah holds significance in Diamond’s career as she inspired his breakthrough song ‘Nenda Kamwambie.’

15 years ago, Diamond Platnumz mesmerized audiences with his breakout hit ‘Nenda Kamwambie‘. The song served as a heartfelt tribute to his then-lover, Sarah, with whom he shared a profound connection from 2006 to 2009.

“I wrote this song from a personal experience. There is a lady I love a lot and I have seen her in here, her name is Sarah she is the reason I sang the song ‘Kamwambie’,” Diamond stated.

He added that at the time, they were both very young and he had just left his hometown Tandale for the city.

At the time she was very small. She is shy, you know she has a family right now, this is Sarah. I used to love her so much. At the time I used to look at her like she was Beyoncé, she’s drive me crazy. She really character developed me, I wrote this because of her.”

After the two lovebirds separated, Diamond stated that they eventually found closure, reconciled their differences, and became close friends.

On her part, Sarah confessed that Diamond has never been able to love anyone else the way he loved her despite having multiple lovers in his life.

He has never said he loves anyone the way he loved me. We lived together. We lived for about three years from 2006/2007 to 2009. The song was originally called ‘Nenda Kwamwambie Sarah, but he cut out the front part,” Sarah revealed.

Sarah disclosed that she also believed that many songs on Diamond’s debut album were inspired by their relationship, serving as a testament to their connection.

” I think all the songs on his first album he wrote because of me,” she concluded.

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