Vera Sidika denies claims of reconciling with her ex-hubby Brown Mauzo

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika, aka Queen Vee Bosset, is setting the record straight amidst swirling rumors that she and her ex-husband, Brown Mauzo, have rekindled their romance.

It all started when Vera posted a video on her Instagram featuring her first-born daughter, Asia Brown, seemingly leaning on an arm that fans speculated to be Brown Mauzo’s hand.

In the video, amid laughter, Vera captioned Asia as her “alarm clock,” explaining how her daughter wakes her up every morning by drawing the curtains and saying good morning.

The video quickly sparked speculation about a possible reunion between Vera and Brown Mauzo.

However, Vera was quick to address the rumors in another video, firmly denying any reconciliation.

In her response, Vera pointed out that the arm in the video was actually hers, emphasizing, “Kwani you guys don’t know my arm tattoos? Please let’s be clear. I am not back with an ex and don’t intend ever,” she adamantly stated.

Asserting her stance, Vera, urged her fans to refrain from speculating and assured them that a reunion with Brown Mauzo was out of the question.

The announcement of their split was initially made by musician Brown Mauzo on his social media channels back in August 2023. At the time, he mentioned that they had mutually decided to part ways after much consideration.

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