‘Utakulwa na baridi huku nje’ Akothee warns women against divorcing their husbands

David Osoro
David Osoro

Akothee, the self-declared President of Single Mothers, has offered advice to women, urging them not to emulate her lifestyle, particularly her single status.

In a video shared online, Akothee cautioned women against imitating her way of life, emphasizing that it could lead to adverse consequences.

Despite being openly proud of her single status, which has followed multiple failed marriages, Akothee urged women not to rush into singleness or consider divorcing their spouses, as it may not bring them fulfillment.

And then there’s another lot of women who are copying me and divorcing their husbands by telling them that Akothee is single and successful nani amekuambia kua single ni achievement?! ……Utakulwa na baridi huku nje!” Akothee shared.

She expressed concern over women who cite her single and successful status as a reason for divorcing their husbands, warning them of the potential loneliness and challenges they may face outside of marriage.

Akothee further stated that she has refrained from offering marriage or relationship advice to her sisters-in-law, fearing that her own experiences might be perceived as bitterness or jealousy.

I have always told my sisters-in-law that the moment you divorce your husbands because they’re cheating or whatever, you will end up sleeping with other people’s husbands,” Akothee said.

And I always told them, do not ask me for relationship advice because anything that will come from my mouth will look like I am jealous because I have failed several times, but then it is the reality!” Akothee added.

Acknowledging her past failures in relationships, Akothee urged women to carefully consider the consequences of divorce and to seek advice from unbiased sources.

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