Trisha Khalid sets the record straight on dating comedian Flaqo

muloozi Daniel
muloozi Daniel

Fosi Mpole Hamis, famously known as Trisha Khalid, is an actor, content creator, and a Tiktok sensation. She is renowned for her portrayal of Ruby in Maisha Magic’s telenovela, ‘Kovu‘.

She is currently playing the role of Trisha in the popular Citizen TV show, ‘Becky‘.

However, is it her partnership and online chemistry with Flaqo that has garnered attention among Kenyans for their onscreen chemistry.

The rumours have been milling since Flaqo and Trisha have been spotted together more times than we can count hence raising eyebrows among netizens.

From Trisha’s cameo on Flaqo’s Saturday dosage show, where she played the role of Flaqo’s girlfriend, to their cozy photos flooding our social media feeds, it’s been a whirlwind of speculation.

The Becky actress has finally spoken up to address the rumour mill on this supposed romance Flaqo.

In an exclusive interview with Milele FM, the curvaceous actress wasted no time shutting down all the chatter about her and Flaqo being an item.

Flaqo and I are just good friends, and we are shooting content, nothing else. Hakuna chocolate. Sasa mtu yeyote atakuwa anashoot naye content atakuwa yuko naye?” Trisha clarified.

According to Trisha, the two are only business partners working together to create content, nothing more!

She further clarified that she is in a happy and committed relationship with another man, not Flaqo.

Me, I have a man. I have somebody and that means I’m not single,” she added.

Flaqo himself didn’t spill much tea on the matter, leaving fans hanging as the two seem to cozy of late.

But wait, there’s more! Netizens are also buzzing with concern, wondering where Keranta, Flaqo’s lover, has disappeared to while her bae is busy striking poses with a lady who claims they’re “just friends.”

Talk about a plot twist!

Flaqo only made his relationship with Keranta public in 2023 when they were celebrating their 3-year anniversary as a couple.

So, there you have it, grapevine aficionados! Trisha Khalid and Flaqo’s relationship status? Friendship, pure and simple. But with all this steamy content they’re cooking up together, who knows what twists and turns lie ahead in this thrilling saga!

Stay tuned for more updates, because where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and this rumor mill is burning up! 🔥

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