Siblings Brianna and Kyle cause uproar after confirming they are dating each other

David Osoro
David Osoro

Lovebirds Briana and Kyle have been making headlines lately because they’re dating. But this is not even why the two lovebirds are trending. It is because they are siblings! 😱😳

The two appeared on Oga Obinna’s show and openly admitted they’ve been dating for months [watch the interview here].

Their love story went viral after it was revealed they’re siblings…well actually half-siblings. But still siblings since according to the two, they share a father.

According to Kyle, he met Brianna during a party thrown for University freshers. The two were introduced to each other by a mutual friend.

After several dates over a span of 3 months, the two then decided to move in together!

Obinna: Ukaona morio?

Bree: Eeh

Obinna: Ukamlike?

Bree: Eeh…

Obinna: Wewe ni nani? Box ndani!

Bree: Eeh…

Obinna: Halafu

Bree: Sasa ndio like during hiyo period tukajuana tukavibe tukapendana tukakaakaa halafu sasa tukajipata sasa tumependana sana tukaamua wacha tu move in.

According to Brianna, it is Kyle who came up with the idea of the two moving in together.

Kenyans were shocked and curious about how and why they would be in a romantic relationship knowing they’re related.

Despite all the attention and judgment, Briana and Kyle are staying strong in their love for each other. They revealed that they have been dating for two years and only found out they might be related in November 2023.

The two came to find out the truth when one day, an excited Brianna showed her boyfriend photos of her dad only for him to retort that the same man was also his father.

Nilikuwa napitia kwa simu yangu nikapata picha tulipiga na babangu kitambo sijui Christmas ya lini… nikamuonyesha… nikamuambia ‘hebu ona babangu’. Sasa kuona sisi Wote tukakuwa in shock… Yeye anasema huyo ni babake… mi nasema ni babangu… tuko zile za… aje sasa?! Hapo sasa ndio tukajua kumbe ee…sisi ni brother and sister“.

Their story caught peoples attention as many wondered why and how the two could be romantically involved knowing they are related.

Kyle however blames his absentee father for the complicated situation. During the interview, Kyle referred to his father as a ‘deadbeat’ who only gave a few penny’s during his admission to the university. He added that his mother has brought him up by herself.

Mi sitaki kubonga na yeye kabisa. Ni yeye anafaa ku reach out to me juu ni yeye alienda. Sio mimi nimtafute,” Kyle responded when asked by Obinna if he had plans to reach out to his dad.

When further probed if he was sure that they share the same father, he responded, “I’m sure!”

On her part, when probed if she ever felt if this was wrong, Brianna said she loves Kyle and doesn’t see anything wrong.

Mbona nishtue na like ni msee ninapenda. Ni bwanangu,” Bree stated.

However, the same man who has been missing in Kyle’s life has never missed a day in Brianna’s life, even attending her kindergarten graduation.

As the news spread, it has been revealed that this episode has not gone down well with Briana’s parents who are boiling with anger.

A social media user named Ev Mercy shared on her page that Briana’s parents denied that Kyle was their biological son. According to Ev, Briana’s dad is upset about the situation and feels embarrassed by his daughter’s actions.

There is also a feeling that the whole episode could also be clout-chasing at its extreme as how can one be dating their sister?!

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