Shakilla ‘Queen of the Streets’ turns 21

Colleta Ochieng
Colleta Ochieng

Kenyan socialite Shakilla has marked another trip around the sun as she celebrated her 21st birthday.

The self-proclaimed ‘Queen of the Streets’ took to her social media to share her excitement about entering a new age.

BIG 21,” she captioned one of her posts, followed by the date, “April 20.

In a nod to the global cannabis culture, glamorous star dedicated part of her celebration to stoners, sharing a picture of herself smoking with the caption, “Birthday Girl in a few hours.”

Throughout her special day, Shakilla shared glimpses of her festivities, including moments spent with her undisclosed and secret lover, who she affectionately referred to as her “secret bae.”

The two have severally shared public displays of affection online, but without showing his face hence adding to the mystery.

Images of red flower bouquets and pink balloon decorations adorned her feed, accompanied by messages of gratitude for another year of life.

Shakilla recently relocated to South Africa without fanfare where she has been living since December 2023.

She recently dropped a bombshell on her Insta stories, announcing her split from her South African boyfriend.

Fans are therefore wondering the nature of her relationship status since there is clearly a new mystery man in her life.

I’m single, let no one claim that I’m theirs please. No time for healing, take the next flight and go be with the man who deserves you,” she wrote on insta.

In response to her announcement, YouTuber Vincent Mboya went ahead and publicly declared his romantic interest in Shakilla. Citing his own single status, he offered to shower her with attention and affection.

Mboya’s declaration comes against the backdrop of Shakilla’s candid admission in an August 2023 interview where she admitted to a history of numerous sexual partners that she couldn’t count.

Acknowledging her prolific dating life, she humorously confessed to losing her count. She added that her body count was quite substantial!

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