Ringtone deserves respect as the chairman of gospel music, says Cassypool

David Osoro
David Osoro

Upon his return from a tour across Europe, social media hype guru Cassypool believes that Kenya is a special country that is grounded on gospel principles.

The social media commentator also extended his gratitude to gospel artist Bunny Asila for her sponsorship, enabling him to traverse over 10 European countries during the tour.

Cassypool added that he would take Bunny Asila to Ringtone and ask him to submit to the ‘Pamela‘ hitsong maker. This, he added, needs to happen before Asila makes any plans to coordinate a gospel tour in Kenya.

Cassypool bestowed respect upon Ringtone, heralding him as the authoritative figure among Kenyan gospel artists.

Asserting Ringtone’s unique position as the chairman of modern Kenyan gospel music, Cassypool dismissed any competing claims to the title. According to Cassypool, Ringtone is the boss and he deserves respect!

And it seems Cassypool must have seen some shocking things out there as he is now appreciative of the gospel scene in Kenya.

Kenya is a nation of Gospel,” Cassypool asserted, drawing parallels between his experiences abroad and the essence of Kenyan identity. He urged his compatriots to reconnect with their cultural roots, highlighting Kenya’s international reputation as a bastion of conservative Christian values.

Reflecting on the significance of gospel music within the country, Cassypool pointed out its pervasive influence, even within the upper echelons of government.

The President, his wife, and even the Deputy President’s family all love gospel music,” he remarked, questioning why ordinary citizens shouldn’t embrace it similarly.

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