Pastor Kanyari sends a lady cash on Tiktok, promises to buy her a Ksh.200K phone

David Osoro
David Osoro

Riding on the wave of unprecedented income generation through social media, controversial televangelist Prophet Dr. Victor Kanyari has recently joined Tiktok!

The ‘mbegu ya 310‘ has on several occasions also taken to Tiktok live urging his followers to send him ‘gifts’ in exchange for heavenly blessings. He has been using scripture to incentivise his followers to contribute.

Kama nimekuwa nataka kwako, basi hata wewe kuwa baraka katika huduma hii. Sio kana kwamba niko na shida ya pesa ama niko na shida ya hizo zawadi ambazo zinapeanwa katika Tiktok lakini Bibilia unasema mkono utoao ndio mkono ubarikiwao…” Kanyari encouraged his followers.

However, it is Pastor Kanyari’s recent activities on TikTok that have sparked controversy as the controversial city preacher continues to engage in late-night live sessions with his followers.

During these interactions, Kanyari has been seen giving away money and making promises of expensive gifts to his followers.

In a recent incident, he interacted with a lady named Njeri whom he later sent her Ksh 5,000 for ‘lunch’.

He then further went a step further and pledged to send her Ksh 250,000 to purchase a Samsung Z Fold phone, requesting her to share her number privately for the transaction.

I can’t lie to you. When I have your number I will send the money to you,” Kanyari assured her.

These acts of generosity are not isolated incidents. Just days prior, Kanyari sent Ksh 200,000 to popular TikToker Hannah Benta on her birthday.

He also sent Ksh 50,000 to another well-known TikToker named Tizian.

Kanyari’s actions have stirred debate, with some questioning the sincerity of his motives and the appropriateness of his behavior, especially considering his controversial past as a preacher.

In 2014, an investigative news report by KTN’s Jicho Pevu TV series exposed how Kanyari was conning his followers through fake miracles, all stage-managed behind church curtains.

Kanyari would use the fake miracles to dupe his followers into sending him Ksh. 310 ‘seed money’ every time they wanted prayers.

The expose led to his separation from his then wife, singer Betty Bayo.

However, in early 2024, the preacher while addressing congregants at his Salvation Healing Ministry in Nairobi confessed that the ‘mbegu ya 310’ call to his followers was not meant for the miracles. He clarified that the Ksh. 310 was his means to get out of poverty.

Mimi ndio nilikuwa mhubiri anaongea hii Nairobi, haukuwa na mwingine. Kina Ezekiel na Ng’ang’a hawakuwa. Mimi ndio nilikuwa naongea hii town. Lakini sikuwa na pesa, ndio maana nitaanza kuitisha 310. Nikasema panda mbegu ya 310 na tusibishanebishane. Si kutaka kwangu. Umaskini ulikuwa umenitandika sawasawa, ” Kanyari confessed.

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