Oparanya’s young wife Mary Biketi denies leaking cosy photos of the two lovebirds

Bramwel Oloo
Bramwel Oloo

Mary Biketi, the trending young and beautiful wife of Kakamega County Governor Wycliffe Oparanya, has come out strongly to address excited netizens after photos of the former governor holding her closely started circulating on social media.

Mary was forced to respond to accusations from a section of netizens who alleged that she deliberately leaked the photos so as to sow discord between the ex-governor and his other wives. 

The young lady further stated that she does not see any need to post any of her photos with the politician.

Mary, who gained attention after a photoshoot with the governor went viral, explained that she refrains from sharing any pictures online because her relationship with the governor is no secret to anyone.

Wycliffe Oparanya and Mary Biketi

Furthermore, she emphasized that the leaked photos were not intentionally released by her.

It’s because I already know myself and the relationship I am in, and my photos were leaked; I didn’t post them myself, and that makes me feel so sad!” Mary expressed.

Additionally, she stated that she has very good relations with the governor’s other wives and as the youngest, she respects their positions in the polygamous household.

I am not afraid he is a polygamous man, and I respect the other wives; no one has attacked me. There’s nothing much I can say about it; those haters can keep doing so even after I have clarified. I need not explain myself because I know myself and the relationship I am in,” Mary explained.

A few days ago, Oparanya found himself on the lips of many Kenyans after the photos were leaked. Following the negative publicity that was being generated against the former governor, he was forced to respond to netizens. 

In a recorded video, Oparanya confirmed the photos were genuine and were taken with his ‘loved one’. 

“I have seen someone circulating genuine photos…those are genuine photos… I don’t know why someone would waste time trying to circulate them. I don’t know the interest people have when you have taken a photo with your loved one,” Oparanya posed.

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