Ombachi treats Davido to a meal of Ugali and Omena

Bramwel Oloo
Bramwel Oloo

Kenya’s celebrity chef Dennis Ombachi treated Nigerian music sensation Davido to a meal of ugali and omena.

Davido is on a music tour in Nairobi for the Easter weekend.

In a short video clip shared online, Davido visited Dennis Ombachi, a popular Kenyan rugby player-turned-chef, and tasted the meal, giving it a nod of approval afterwards.

Expressing his approval, Davido is heard saying “Done”, a signature phrase used by Ombachi

In the video, Ombachi explained to Davido that the meal consisted of small fish fresh from Lake Victoria. Davido sampled a few bites of the omena with brown ugali before expressing his satisfaction by saying ‘done’, referencing Ombachi’s slogan whenever he prepares his meals.

Davido’s visit to Nairobi coincided with the Raha Festival 2024, a two-day event held at Uhuru Gardens. As one of the headline artists at the festival, the ‘Unavailable’ hitmaker joined other top performers on stage.

Known for his flavorful cooking and sharing his culinary creations online, Ombachi has amassed a massive following for his cooking skills and engaging content.

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